Graduate Major Patch

Hayley Zeller

Animation and Game Design

Always creating. Always experimenting.
I’m a person defined by creating things. Creating art and games is my passion, as it lets me use a bunch of skills to make an impact on people. I like to challenge myself with tasks outside of my skillset and thrive on doing a variety of tasks in the game art sector; Concept Art, Illustration, Modelling, Sculpting, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Material Development and Node-based coding. I also tend to lean towards organisation and task management roles in a team, and have been picked as a leader for multiple projects during my time at Curtin. I am honest with people and love to build off the potential of my team’s skillsets and ideas. When not creating, I am indulging in the works of others, reading classics, watching videos and playing in tabletop rpgs. And of course playing videogames! Though I am not mechanically good at them, I always find things to enjoy about a game.
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