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Steven White-Smith

Animation and Game Design
Digital Experience and Interaction Design

3D modeler, game programmer and occasional web designer
As a child, I loved playing games and drawing - but always struggled to find a way to combine these activities. It was not until Media Molecules' "Little Big Planet" released back in 2008 did I realise that merging them was possible. This awakening helped to drive me to learn programming, game and level design as well as 3D modeling to one day provide not only a memorable and engaging experience whilst gaming, but help others find the same passion I gained when I first started. I was fortunate enough to be taken in to undergo multiple internship projects funded by Unity and Unreal in various mediums such as virtual reality and real-time virtual production. Though I originally entered university with the aim to do solely game design, from this opportunity I also gained a passion for the newly emerging real-time visual effects and virtual production workflows within these game engines.
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