Graduate Major Patch

Salma Jarrar

Digital Experience and Interaction Design

Cat mum, design freak, and CSS fanatic
Growing up watching and idolising Mister Maker, I’ve set out on a path to cultivate my creativity from a very young age, starting with arts & crafts, illustration and eventually delving into UI/UX. To me, the most gratifying part of being a UI/UX designer is creating beautifully detailed interfaces that don’t compromise user experience, because there is nothing more unfulfilling than a Dribbble-worthy design that is completely unusable. Along my creative path at Curtin, I also picked up HTML, CSS and JavaScript to breathe life into my design prototypes. Despite the never-ending hassles that come with front-end development, the satisfaction of a functioning website is unmatched, and I know that regardless of my future position, I’ll continue to kick my feet and do a little boogie when the code finally works. So reach out, and let’s get boogying together!
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