Graduate Major Patch

Melanie Tan

Animation and Game Design

3D and Pre-viz Artist
Animated content defined my creative development, and love of storytelling and drawing ever since I was a child! In university the mystery of how animated worlds were created unraveled for me, as I learned how to bring my drawings into the 3D realm. Now I craft narratives through not only the drawings but also through beautifully-made environments and assets! I have had the pleasure of working on a range of animated film projects such as my final year short film "Pumpkin Boy," the "Gradient" Recital Performance, and "Eidolon" for the 2022 Unreal Engine Short Film challenge. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the final product of a project that you worked incredibly hard on with your peers and colleagues. I'd love to work on many more projects in the future just like these, where the fruits of creativity, passion, and hard work can be seen so clearly in the final product.
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