Graduate Major Patch

Maximilian Wright

Animation and Game Design

"Wait...did you read the script too? What's that on the ground over there? Is that the script?"
A creative and hardworking environmental artist and 3D generalist with a passion for film and all things horror and science fiction. Ever since I was a child with an old VCR and a handful of blockbusters on VHS, I have been fascinated by the art of filmmaking and the people working behind the camera to bring my favourite stories to life on the big screen. In addition to my university classes, I have had the opportunity to work within the industry through internships and a studio culture made up of other students on campus. I have been mentored by industry professionals such as Last Pixel director Dave McDonnel in Motion Capture, VFX veteran artist Alwyn Hunt in Adobe substance Software and Unreal Engine evangelists Chris Murphy and Jack Condon. I have also had the opportunity to direct and work as a 3D artist for a fully funded short film entirely made within Unreal Engine.
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