Graduate Major Patch

Cooper Fare

Graphic Design

Taking over the world, one poster at a time.
Hey, my name is Coops. Firstly, a bit about me, I love: music, design, natural wine, basketball, and food. My passion for design came quite late in High School. Although I was always a creative kid, I never thought it would become my future. Thank God I didn’t enjoy those 2 weeks of working in landscaping in the summer of 2016! I enjoy creating bold, striking and unique brands, which capture the audience and don’t let them go. When it comes to my designs, I am a perfectionist, to the point where I will become obsessed with some of the work I do, and always need to be proud of the final product. I specialise in designing within the music industry and brand identity, and have a huge passion for retro band posters and music branding. My dream is to be living in a studio apartment in New York, designing music flyers for bands, wine in one hand, slice of pizza in the other.
Example of graduate's work