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Anthony Robinson

Digital Experience and Interaction Design
Graphic Design

Passionately curious
Howdy! I'm Anthony, a brand strategist and digital designer who happened to fall in love with web development. My design journey began back in 2012 in a call of duty lobby. My friends and I decided to create an e-sports team and make Youtube videos but we required someone to design all the social assets and edit the montages. So with completely legal copies of both After Effects and Photoshop, I took it upon myself to do just that. Although that team no longer exists, 10 years later my curiosity for design still does. So much so that under my original gamertag "Ayon", I'm going to create a career where I can continue to facilitate the business needs of passionate people. When I'm not in the lab you can find me wreaking havoc in the mosh-pit, making hip-hop beats in studio, experimenting in the kitchen, raging at video games with the boys, or having an existential crisis watching anime.
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